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musings on crypto, creator economy, and life
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Introducing Local

January 29th, 2023
Despite the rich cultural heritage of our communities, local artisans often face hardships due to geographic boundaries, climate change, and gated algorithms.
Publisher Avatar Local

The "Free to Own" (F2O) Business Model for Games

September 2nd, 2022
"Free to Own" (F2O) is a disruptive new business model for gaming where game devs give away in-game assets for free to players in exchange for distribution.
Publisher Avatar Alok Vasudev
Alok Vasudev
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What Does “Ownership” on the Internet Mean?

August 23rd, 2022
A deep dive into ownership of online assets, the centralization of web2 social media platforms, algorithm fatigue, advertiser monopolization and web3 + many memes
Publisher Avatar Liz H
Liz H
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Building an NFT Indexer

August 10th, 2022
One of the primary features of Gallery is enabling users to display their NFTs. To facilitate this, we need a quick way to retrieve all NFTs that belong to any given wallet address. Unfortunately, the Ethereum blockchain was not designed with a magical "get me every token that person owns" command, let alone other ways to slice the data: handling NFTs that are staked or escrowed, retrieving NFTs that were created by a specific address, retrieving NFTs an address once owned in the past, etc.
Publisher Avatar GALLERY

Introducing Web3 Subscriptions

July 26th, 2022
Today, Mirror is excited to announce the launch of web3 subscriptions. This new feature allows readers to subscribe to any Mirror publication with their wallets and receive email notifications when new content is posted. For creators, web3 subscriptions open the door to building a wallet-based community that can be used across web3.
Publisher Avatar Mirror Development
Mirror Development

Seoul Bound

July 24th, 2022
I’m incredibly excited to be on my way to Korea again, for the first time in many years, as a speaker presenting Mirror at Asia Buidl and ETH Seoul. I first went to Seoul when I was 18 years old, and lived there with my best friend’s family; this post is a recap of how I discovered some of the things that fascinate me about Korea.
Publisher Avatar Graeme
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The Backed Community NFT

July 7th, 2022
Join the Backed community with this free-to-mint, soulbound NFT. Track your activity, earn XP, and update your on-chain art to show off your achievements.
Publisher Avatar Backed

Write to Learn

June 25th, 2022
Writing isn't something that only writers do. It's a basic skill for getting through life. We write to explain, and we write to explore. When explaining, we also help clarify concepts to ourselves. When we explore, we push the boundaries of what we know and think about – changing the way our minds work.
Publisher Avatar Graeme

Your Web3 identity

June 7th, 2022
We’re going to talk about identity and authentication. We’ll look at how the space has developed, where it is now and what Web3 may be able to improve.

The Gillibrand Lummis Bill

June 7th, 2022
New York Senator Gillibrand and Wyoming Senator Lummis have teamed up to propose a bi-partisan bill that would shift much of the regulatory oversight of crypto assets from the SEC to the CFTC, acknowledging that these tokens are much more like commodities than securities.
Publisher Avatar AVC
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Billions, Money Laundering, YC, and Rappers

May 26th, 2022
GM, This is the Milk Road. We help you get a little smarter about crypto every day.
Publisher Avatar The Milk Road
The Milk Road
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Why Dark Forest Matters: A Good Game, not a Crypto Game

February 24th, 2022
Dark Forest is a massively multiplayer (MMO) real-time strategy (RTS) game in closed beta. If you like strategy games, you should play it. Anyone who is a fan of games like Sins of a Solar Empire, Factorio, or Civilization should definitely play it. It’s not a game with global appeal like Super Mario Odyssey, but it doesn’t need to be nor try to be.
Publisher Avatar Omar Mezenner
Omar Mezenner

Introducing Writing NFTs

May 25th, 2022
Before Ethereum was code, it was a piece of writing. A year prior to Ethereum’s launch in 2015, Vitalik Buterin published a whitepaper that laid out his vision for the project. Like Satoshi before him, Vitalik’s whitepaper served as a call to action that inspired a group of believers to help bring his ideas to fruition. This whitepaper has become an invaluable artifact — a foundational text with historical significance.
Publisher Avatar Mirror Development
Mirror Development
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Designing Token Economies

May 25th, 2022
Good token design, like good product design, starts with understanding what users want. 
Publisher Avatar Not Boring
Not Boring

Like → Share → Collect

May 25th, 2022
The following essay is a homage to collecting enabled by web3. It is a living document, minted as a collectible Writing NFT. By collecting it, you encourage me to keep refining and elaborating these views, which will be updated here.
Publisher Avatar Graeme
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Introducing the Optimism Collective

April 26th, 2022
It's time for a new chapter. Scaling the technology alone is not enough. We have a duty to scale our values along with our networks. In pursuit of this mission, we are excited to announce the Optimism Collective.
Publisher Avatar The Optimism Collective
The Optimism Collective