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Patrick Rivera

Patrick Rivera

founder / CEO @ TWL
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Ephemeral Apps

The hottest consumer social apps of the past few years have either shut down (Popparazzi) or slowed growth significantly (BeReal, Clubhouse, Dispo).
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Distribution-first Products

Most people building consumer products think their main competitor is the incumbent in their market. For example, if someone's building a short-form text-based social product, they'd say their main competitor is Twitter. Sure, there's some truth to that. But the reality is that their main competitor is people not giving a shit.

Choosing the right market

One of the topics that VCs love to debate on Twitter and podcasts every few months is which element is most critical to a startup's success: product, team, or market. Most early-stage investors lean towards the team, arguing that a strong team will eventually find a great market.

Entertainment is a Killer Feature

As a startup founder, one of the first questions people ask you is “What problem are you solving?” The “right” answer usually has something to do with saving people time or helping them make money.

Web3 Gaming and Consumer Trends

It’s been 14 years since the Bitcoin whitepaper was released and most people still don’t understand the power of web3 tools like NFTs and smart contract platforms. To change the narrative, we need more killer apps.

The Myth of Web3's Infrastructure Phase

Most web3 builders and investors I’ve spoken to recently believe that mainstream adoption is still being held back by lack of infrastructure. The sentiment is that we need better wallets, alt L1s, rollups, rollups on rollups, multi-chain bridges, web3-native growth tools, etc.

Patrick's New Thing

Patrick Rivera
November 03
Hey everyone 👋 My name is Patrick Rivera and for the past few weeks I’ve been working on a new project.
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Thoughts on DAO Tooling

DAO tooling is all the rage these days. Thoughts on challenges and opportunities in the space.
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Community DAOs

Patrick Rivera
September 02
In crypto land, 2020 was all about DeFi. So far, 2021 has been about NFTs (hot jpeg summer anyone?)